Come see us at EMBC 2015 in Milan!

37th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS)
MiCo – Milano Conference Center; Milan, Italy August 25 – 29, 2015

  • “Impedance Spectroscopy to Monitor Fracture Healing,” by Monica Lin*, Safa Herfat, Chelsea Bahney, Meir Marmor, Michel Maharbiz
  • “Impedance Sensing Device for Monitoring Ulcer Healing in Human Patients,” by Amy Liao*, Monica Lin, Lauren Ritz, Sarah Swisher, David Ni, Kaylee Mann, Shuvo Roy, Michael Harrison, Ana Arias, Vivek Subramanian, David Young, Michel Maharbiz
  • “Full-Field Strain Sensor for Guiding Hernia Repairs,” by Amy Liao*, Hobart Harris, Michel Maharbiz
  • “A Miniaturized Monitoring System for Electrochemical Biosensing using Shewanella Oneidensis in Environmental Applications,” by Alyssa Zhou*, Michel Maharbiz
  • “Deep Tissue Targeted Near-infrared Optogenetic Stimulation using Fully Implantable Upconverting Light Bulbs,” by Maysamreza Chamanzar*, David Garfield, Jillian Iafrati, Vikaas Sohal, Emory Chan, Bruce Cohen, P. James Schuck, Michel Maharbiz
  • “Ultrasonic Beamforming System for Interrogating Multiple Implantable Motes,” by Dongjin Seo*, Hao-Yen Tang, Jose M. Carmena, Jan M. Rabaey, Elad Alon, Bernhard Bo

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