Congratulations to Dr. Diaz-Botia: silicon carbide for neurotech paper is out!

Congratulations to Camilo Diaz-Botia for the publication of his SiC work in collaboration with Prof. Maboudian group ( AND his doctorate degree! Dr. Diaz-Botia is now off to do great things at [redacted]. ­čśë Diaz-Botia, Camilo, Lunet Luna, Ryan Neely, Maysam Chamanzar, Carlo Carraro, Jose Carmena, Philip Sabes, Roya Maboudian, and Michel Maharbiz. ÔÇťA silicon…

Tom Zajdel wins Outstanding Poster Award from the Biophysical Journal

Congratulations, Tom! Winner of the Biophysical Journal Outstanding Poster Award at the┬áEngineering Approaches to Biomolecular Motors: From in vitro to in vivo for his work, “Impedance-based Electrochemical Readout of Bacterial Flagellar Rotation,”┬áTom J. Zajdel, Alexander N. Walczak,┬áDebleena Sengupta,┬áVictor Tieu, Caroline M. AjoFranklin, Michel M. Maharbiz. .