Cyborg insect eyes at MEMS 2012

Ivan Aimo is presenting our insect eye work, led by former postdoc Amol Jadhav, at MEMS 2012; catch him there! Wednesday poster session 189-W A.D. Jadhav, I. Aimo, D. Cohen, P. Ledochowitsch, and M.M. Maharbiz CYBORG EYES: MICROFABRICATED NEURAL INTERFACES IMPLANTED DURING THE DEVELOPMENT OF INSECT SENSORY ORGANS PRODUCE STABLE NEURORECORDINGS IN THE ADULT  (pp  937)  

beetle fuel cell at ECS

Jianjun Wei  and Sameer Singhal along with Hirotaka Sato and Travis Massey have an oral presentation at the Electrochemical Society meeting this May: Abstract Number/Title: # 1454: “Enzymatic Electro-oxidation of Glucose to Generate Energy from Live Insects” by J. Wei, S. Singhal, J. Ulyanova, U. Lindstrom, H. Sato, T. Massey, and M. Maharbiz Presentation Type:…