Welcome Joshua Van Kleef!

Welcome Joshua Van Kleef, who is joining as a postdoc! Josh is an insect neurophysiologist with a particular interest in the role of visual feedback in flight stabilization. He completed his PhD with Michael Ibbotson at the Australian National University (ANU). His thesis, ‘An analysis of neuronal receptive fields at three stages of visual processing’ (2009), was an investigation of how visual neurons in insects and the mammals alter the way they spatially and temporally integrate visual information depending on the colour, contrast and density of the stimulus.

Postdoctoral work with Eric Warrant in Lund (Sweden) was aimed at understanding how neural adaptations in the Sweat bee (Megalopta genalis) allow it to navigate and stabilize in the dim light conditions found under the dark rainforest canopy at night. More recent Postdoctoral work with Jochen Zeil (ANU) focused on the dynamics of the head and thorax in hovering dragonflies using multiple synchronized high-speed cameras and 3-dimensional pose tracking.


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