beetle fuel cell at ECS

Jianjun Wei  and Sameer Singhal along with Hirotaka Sato and Travis Massey have an oral presentation at the Electrochemical Society meeting this May:

Abstract Number/Title: # 1454: “Enzymatic Electro-oxidation of Glucose to Generate Energy from Live Insects” by J. Wei, S. Singhal, J. Ulyanova, U. Lindstrom, H. Sato, T. Massey, and M. Maharbiz

Presentation Type: Oral

Date/Time/Location: Tuesday, May 8, 2012 at 16:40h in Room 2A, Level 2, Washington State Convention Center

Symposium: I2 – Biological Fuel Cells 5


2 thoughts on “beetle fuel cell at ECS

  1. Hi there, i would like to meet up with your group to discuss some potential applications of your exciting and novel research in the enzymatic oxidation of glucose. I will be in Berkeley in September as my daughter is at Cal (Junior year). Look forward to hearing from you !

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