pre-2012 media links

For archival reasons, here are links to the main media coverage of our work prior to 2012. This list is not exhaustive.



3 thoughts on “pre-2012 media links

  1. Hello,

    Don’t know if you ever saw it, but we wrote a story about cyborg bugs. It won an award from Analog Magazine. I’ve pasted the link in the website field below – or search for “Phantom Sense Niemann-Ross”


  2. Hello Mr. Maharbiz,
    My name is Lekhini , and I’m a high school student currently in Grade 11, and I’m writing an essay for the IB Program about cyborg bugs and their implications because I find your work very interesting!

    Seeing as you’re the expert on this topic, I was wondering if I could ask for your advice. I’m having trouble finding resources (articles, primary documents, books, video etc.) on this topic for further, deeper research so if you could direct me to anything that you came across, that would be great.

    As well, how far do you think that cyborg bugs could get? Seeing as DARPA is planning on using them for surveillance, what kind of ethical issues do you think could be brought about by these bugs? Do you think the public would be okay with them?

    Thank you for your time,

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