If you are interested in postdoctoral positions in our lab, please contact Prof. Maharbiz at maharbiz@eecs.berkeley.edu.

If you are interested in joining the Maharbiz lab as a graduate student but you are not a student at Cal… you need to get admitted to Cal first! :)


The Arkin, Arcak and Maharbiz labs are interested in developing theories and technologies (genetic, epigenetic and abiotic) to explore the engineering of synthetic multicellular ensembles. If interested in postdoc opportunities, graduate rotations or undergrad research, please contact any of the three PI’s. This blurb is cross-listed at all three labs.

Rotations and Undergraduate Research

If you are interested in undergraduate research positions, check my schedule and come by during a free slot or email Maharbiz for an appointment. Additionally, we expect to make increasing use of researchmatch to post ugrad research positions.

We always have rotation ideas within the lab. The most direct way for a graduate student to rotate into the lab is to contact one of the active members (including Maharbiz) whose research is of interest.

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