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Papers, papers…

I’ve been lax recently in updating our group site and more to come soon, but:

1) First data from Neural Dust effort now in JNM:

2) Kayle, Travis and Josh’s 200 mg locust system:

Mann, Kaylee, Travis Massey, Sudip Guha, Joshua Paul van Kleef, and Michel Maharbiz. “A Wearable Wireless Platform for Visually Stimulating Small Flying Insects.” Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), 2014 36th Annual International Conference of the IEEE (2014)

3) Hiro’s lab making insect legs do push ups:

More soon!….


Insane squid from Backyard Brains

Check this out (thanks Josh!):

Random group post of the week.

TI gives US$2.2M

Go EE40!


Since we were discussing setting up a forum similar to this ( a while back I thought I’d post it here. It looks like it’s catching on pretty well now (1.3 million users).

I think, for science the other forums like aren’t nearly as useful.

weirder than us

Courtesy of Mike Wolfson, people doing stranger things to beetles than us: