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Papers, papers…

I’ve been lax recently in updating our group site and more to come soon, but:

1) First data from Neural Dust effort now in JNM:

2) Kayle, Travis and Josh’s 200 mg locust system:

(coming soon; at EMBC now)

3) Hiro’s lab making insect legs do push ups:

More soon!….


Insane squid from Backyard Brains

Check this out (thanks Josh!):

Random group post of the week.

TI gives US$2.2M

Go EE40!


Since we were discussing setting up a forum similar to this ( a while back I thought I’d post it here. It looks like it’s catching on pretty well now (1.3 million users).

I think, for science the other forums like aren’t nearly as useful.

weirder than us

Courtesy of Mike Wolfson, people doing stranger things to beetles than us: