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Links to media coverage

Nice review of my involvement in the movie Transcendence in the LA Times

Some non-technical media; I post it because it presents a nice picture of why/how Jose Carmena and I worked with Wally Pfister on Transcendence (go see it!):,0,6032580.story#axzz2ybN4Fb7O

Peter and Cortera Neurotech mentioned in the NY Times article on Dmitry Itskov

(I suppose “stupid” was a strong word, perhaps?  …   :) 

Mind Over Matter – Jose Carmena and Michel Maharbiz

mua ha ha ha…. :)

Mind Over Matter – Jose Carmena and Michel Maharbiz
By: Wallace Ravven
It still sounds futuristic, but the time is approaching when people paralyzed by stroke or spinal cord injury will be able to regain the experience of movement…”

(follow link to article)


Awarded an NSF EFRI with UCSF

Looking forward to great work in flexible and resorbable systems for health care as part of our Emerging Frontiers in Research and Innovation (EFRI)  with the Subramanian and Arias labs at UCB and the Roy and Harrison groups at UCSF (and the PDC –!


more fuel cell interest

Here’s a brief article in the Economist on the fuel cell work with CFD. Sameer felt crummy they didn’t mention us, but ’tis ok.

Look mom, that’s us! :)

Putting fuel cells in weird places seems to be the new black.


(Our work with Sameer is mentioned, despite not being out yet). :)

SF Magazine article on the neural efforts here and UCSF

I particularly enjoy the wacky timeline they came up with (it goes to 3000 AD!):

Where’s the date when we become free-floating energy blobs roaming the galaxy?

NAS Science and Entertainment Exchange Spotlight


cyborg insects in science fiction

Check out this award winning short story by Richard A. Lovett and Mark Niemann-Ross that appeared in Analog:

cyborg insect swarms, ‘CI-MEMS’… even tenebrio and japanese beetles have cameos.

(Thanks to Mark Niemann-Ross for pointing us to this).

pre-2012 media links

For archival reasons, here are links to the main media coverage of our work prior to 2012. This list is not exhaustive.